Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My BIG decision!

If you are new to reading my blog, here is a little background info:

I was kinda a big kid growing up, but I never knew it. I was never teased, I never felt bad and when I got into middle school, I outgrew it. I was pretty thin throughout high school and even when I started college. I ate more fast food, I drank more, I did all the things you shouldn't do and the weight piled on.

I would guess to say I hit around the 190-200 mark at some point and I am only 5'7". I did not look good. I went through some hard things in life- breakups, moves, losing friends, a hurricane hitting my hometown, and much more. None of it is an excuse, but food and drinks became my crutch. I was unhealthy.

Finally about 4 years ago I took control. I started doing TaeBo with my roomie at the time and I kinda became addicted to it...well until the next weekend party came along. I still managed to lose weight. I kept losing. I felt great when I put on a pair of size 8 jeans one day. I dated someone who was healthy and he encouraged me. Even though we aren't together now, I say that was the one good thing I got from it- the desire to be healthier. I moved back home to my hometown about 2 1/2 years ago and I knew living by myself would be the key to getting to where I want to FINALLY be. I have gone up and done, I have struggled, I have binged, I have drank too much, I have lost and gained, I have completed Insanity, I lost 15 lbs, gained it all back, I bought smaller jeans, went back to my bigger ones, ran a 6K (on the treadmill)... it has been a journey. BUT I am still not where I WANT to be. Something inside me tells me there is more.

After reading about Mama Laughlin's decision to go further, to take on a new challenge, I started thinking- was I going to be stuck in this rut FOREVER??? Was I going to keep trying and failing??? What could I do? I started researching fitness coaches, workout programs, nutrition plans... I have thought about it over and over... I have contemplated the money I would spend, I have said NO, I can do it alone... I will try harder... But the truth is- I know myself. I have to go BIG or I won't SUCCEED! So, I have made a BIG decision. I am hiring a fitness coach from www.cyberbodyshop.com . I have been in contact with Wendy and I really feel good about this. Yes, it is $750.... BUT I did just buy a new iPad and that was $800 so what the heck??? It's for ME, my HEALTH, a better version of ME, the person I know I can become and the changes I know I CAN make.. It is worth every cent and I can't wait to begin! I am planning to start around New Year's. I know, cliche as it is- but I really want this to be a new beginning for me.

What changes are you making today for your future?? Doesn't have to be an expensive change, but everything you do counts! :) I look forward to sharing this journey.

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