Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Advocare day 3 and acid reflux update!

So, I have really been struggling with my acid reflux lately. Today I got a call and they had a cancellation so I could get in to see a gastro doctor and I took the appointment. I went in and they prescribed me Nexium. Anyone taken that? Good or bad reviews? I know it is dang expensive and I am going to try and switch to a generic version of something ASAP. They also tested my blood for some bacteria... Pylori something... Long doctorish name. Anyways, I didn't put two and two together until I got out and started thinking about my recent trip to Mexico. I hope I didn't pick it up there. Anyways, I should know in a few days and it can be treated with antibiotics easily. It may be the reason why my acid reflux has been so bad lately or maybe I am just getting old lol. Either way, glad I went and hope the meds work!

Didn't get in a workout cause of doctor appt and then went grocery shopping. Will get back to it tomorrow. 

Breakfast: fiber drink
Ezekiel toast, scrambled eggs, almonds

Snack: larabar

Got up late so no lunch and I was running around busy in town. 

Dinner: Greek salad with gyro meat from one of my Fav restaurants! Met the girls for happy hour and I drank tea- big score!!!

Day 4 tomorrow :) feeling good! I stocked up on healthy stuff today at the store: ground turkey, chicken breasts, frozen veggies, lettuce, mushrooms, bananas, avocado, grapes, organic pasta, almond milk, organic eggs, and more! I stayed away from sugar, dairy, and carbs ... Getting back on track!

Here's a pic of my fantasy husband during training! I can't wait for football! Love me some Drew Brees :) 

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