Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Signs I have changed!

Just like everyone else out there, I get discouraged. I am hard on myself. I look at the scale and get pissed. I eat a bad meal. I don't always 100% give effort to the journey of life. I don't really call it a "weight loss" journey anymore. Don't get me wrong, I am STILL trying to lose weight and get to that goal weight, BUT I know it is a life commitment. It's about making changes all the time. It's about learning more about food, fitness, and how your body works and ACTUALLY caring about being as healthy as you can be. As I looked around my house today, I saw the signs- signs that I have changed. My life is not the same. I no longer feel tired all the time, come home and flop on the couch, eat without caring if it is healthy for my body or not... I am a different person and I am proud that I try. Could I do better? Sure, we all could as some point. But I am happy with the changes for now and celebrating that today.
My workout calendar- I do one every month. It keeps my accountable and I can look back and see what all I have done! I just put away my September calendar. I worked out 22/30 days and ran 34 miles this month. I am happy with that! I can't wait to see what October will bring!

Workout stuff: Kettle bell, heart rate monitor, weights

Shoes by the door, ready to GO GO GO! Running shoes and others for workouts- I love Nike Free 7.0!

Workout library: Jillian, Tae Bo, Bob Harper, Insanity and TurboFire are in there too! (I don't live near a gym, so have to do my own "at home" workouts!

Workout stuff laid out and ready for tomorrow when I get home- no time to sit down, straight to the workout... If I sit down, I might not get up! :)
What changes do you see? Be proud!


  1. Changing for the better is ALWAYS worth celebrating! Good for you! :)

  2. Keep up the great work and the positive mindset! I came across your blog because I googled Fleur de Lis, looking for the exact meaning. I'm also a huge football fan! Also, I noticed your TurboFire DVD... I'm actually a Beachbody Coach (I did ChaLEAN Extreme, so if you need some more support and accountability, I have a private Facebook group I can add you to! If you are interested, send me a friend request! www.fb.com/renee.cascone