Monday, September 24, 2012

SUCCESS! Small, but still SUCCESS!

A couple weeks ago I was still weighing in at 170, even after doing Insanity Month 1. I was struggling. Weekends were getting to me. I need a CHANGE. Last week I started Weight Watchers again. I worked hard all week, ran every day and did my "off week" of Insanity, which is still a 38 minute workout, but not as hard. Friday I weighed in at 165! Yep, you heard right! This weekend I took Saturday off. I will admit it was a day when I had a few (too many drinks) and didn't eat the best. So, when I got back on the scale today I was 167... but guess what it is NOT 170! I have faith that slow and steady wins the race and I will get there. I WILL! I started month 2 of Insanity today and it is challenging but I love to sweat with Shaun T! OH HELL YES! I was beyond excited to see that I burned almost 700 calories in 1 hour of Insanity. I am going to continue and am still going to try and run 2 times a week at least. I am going to kick this weight's booty! Here's to a start to a great week :)

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