Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's not all about being SKINNY!

This is so true! Just a couple days ago, an older fried of my family's had a heart attack. It made me stop and think. Exercise is not just about being skinny, it's not about how you look in a bikini, if you have cellulite, if you like the number on the scale or not. It is about being HEALTHY! It is about wanting to live a long life, be there for your kids, your grandkids.... it is about making better choices, feeding your body what it needs instead of what you crave. I want to live a long time. I haven't even gotten married or had kids yet. I have a lot to live for. I want to make better choices so that I will be here 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now. Every day we make choices. Unfortunately for our friend, he chose to eat unhealthy foods, smoke daily, and drink too much. This caused 100% blockage and a heart attack, followed by emergency surgery. I hope it opens his eyes to what life is all about. Just like if you mistreat material things, they will break- same with our bodies... if we abuse them and fill them with bad things and never exercise, what do you expect to happen? I am making a promise to myself today to make healthier choices for my future. :) Health is really important. What do you think?

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