Friday, March 7, 2014

The choice to LEDBetter

As I stated in my last post- I had to make a tough decision to make recently. After 12 weeks with my coach, I decided not to sign up again for that program. I would love to think that I could eat "clean" for the rest of my life, but that is just not realistic for me. I am a social person. I LOVE to go out to eat, love an occasional drink, and love to be out and about enjoying life. LIFE IS TOO SHORT. I decided to do some serious research and find a new coach that could help me find a true LIFESTYLE change. I don't want to call it a diet. I don't want there to be an end to it. I want to find something that I can do to balance out my life FOREVER. I want to be FIT. I want to WORKOUT. I want to be HEALTHY. I want to LIVE. After interviewing probably 12 different coaches all over the United States, I have decided to go with the LED Better Project. Check them out at I asked so many questions and got a quick response from Jessi Jean, one of the 3 or 4 or 5 people I will be working with. That's right- I will have a TEAM, not just one coach. I am beyond excited. Their mission is to help everyone learn to Live Every Day Better- to take steps every day to make improvements with your body, mind, and soul. I am so excited. I will get my plan on March 15 and start right away! I will be using the IIFYM method. I have done a lot of research on it and also watched a bazillion videos from Layne Norton at . He is amazing and has a wealth of knowledge to share. The group at LEDBetter follows his philosophy. Basically IIFYM takes into consideration many things including your weight, height, body composition, activity level, etc and then a plan is created that will tell you how many grams of carbs, proteins, and fats to eat every day. I think Jessi Jean caught my attention when she said skinny cow ice cream and POP TARTS! Lol there is this big misconception that people on IIFYM sit around and eat pop tarts all day, which is so not true. BUT if I want one, I can have it and not feel a thousand pounds of guilt about it. I can pretty much eat what I want as long as it fits my macros. Does that mean I am going to dive off the deep end? No! I know I need healthy, nutrient rich foods in my body. I know I can't get all those nutrients from totally unhealthy foods. It's all about balance people. I actually went to and got my macros to get started getting used to counting everything again. Are they totally accurate? Probably not because they don't have pictures of me, they didn't send me a questionnaire (which Ledbetter did and they asked me everything so they could get to know me), and it's just a rough estimate. I have been doing it for a little over a week. I went to round 2 of Mardi Gras, I ate, drank, counted my macros all week, celebrated my best friends birthday and didn't feel guilty and guess what?? I didn't lose a pound but I didn't gain one either! I have maintained the same weight since I got back from New Orleans. I am so excited to see what the plan is and there will be much more to come as I learn :) cheers to a better life every day! 

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